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We went out again and again!

Kyle and Steph came to visit Chris and I. This was another whirlwind weekend where I find myself not wanting the hours to pass. Weekends like these are escapes from the stresses of work and class. It is pure joy to let go and act naturally with my 2 and 3 closest friends. I feel so comfortable and love the ability to say nearly anything on my mind!

The weekend began on Friday night. I had soccer practice and accounting homework but we were able to head out around 11 I believe. We had a smooth, talkative can driver who entertained us until we reached the doors of Japp’s in OTR. We walk in to find a rather long but thin bar. My friends had described the place as a two-sided, large-sized bar but it didn’t seem so at first glance.

We wandered back into the bar to find plush leather couches and retro signage and decorations — a very classy place with an interesting crowd. The other side of the bar is Incredible. The highlights are a projector screen that plays old film footage and a DJ that spins classics like MJ.

I am realizing how much I could write about this weekend. But, I will conclude this weeks post by saying that the time with Chris and Kyle is how I want to spend the majority of my time. We will be near each other forever. I truly value this brotherhood and it makes me a fantastic person. When I stray from it I change. I am also very appreciative of how my parents have raised me and need to be more expressive of my gratitude. They are such a blessing to me!

Hasta Domingo!

Friends Family, Family Friends

These are two of my bed friends, although I have many more. I have grown up with Chris and Kyle. We have grown similarly in our ambitions and we enjoy sharing dreams for our future. Chris is currently my roommate and it is just fantastic how this came to be.

I remember when Chris moved in to our neighborhood and joined my 2nd grade class. I remember my mom telling me that a new student had moved into our neighborhood. The first recess he ever participated in, he shined on the field while we were playing “jackpot” with a football. There was a group of us kids who played sports everyday at recess; we played basketball, football, and soccer. What we played depended on the weather. We grew up playing these sports together on the playground and then also continuing to play after school. Chris and I have been best friends ever since that first recess and ideally we will be neighbors when we purchase homes.

Kyle came to Sylvania when his father got transferred from Kansas City, Kansas. The first time I met him, he had moved into his neighborhood and was already running around fishing. He was to join our soccer team and we heard that he was a very good player. My dad and I drove over to his house and met his father. Kyle only stopped to introduce himself for about a minute before he ran back to the ponds to contour fishing. I also saw him later that summer at ODP soccer camp. I cannot remember if this was before or after we officially met.

Both of these friends have made my lives infinitely better and it continues every day. We have a great future ahead of us and I hope we can eventually raise families near each other. I would also like to creat a business or other service with them in the future.

A casa otra vez.
Home again.

A weekend trip home can be summarized by these too photographs — tranquila (relaxing), hermosa (beautiful) y necesario (necessary).

Home is relaxing because our suburb is much quieter than the buzzing and bustling streets of Cincinnati. At night, I am not stirred from my sleep by car arms or any other disturbances. On the contrary, Oaks and Maples sooth me to sleep through lullabies of luscious limbs.

Beauty - sunsets and the smell of summer. My senses transport me back to the days when my days were concluded not by the hour, but by when the sun set and daylight subsided. The neighbor hood kids and I would spend all day outside broken up by lunch times, pool times, and movie times to recover.

Going home is necessary! Spending time at home with my family help remind me why all of the hard is worth it. My favorite way to pass the time at home is inviting my grandparents over. I can listen to my grandpa reminisce for a long time because he tells the stories like they happened yesterday. His innocent humor is comedic yet ever so gentle and respectful, so witty!
I love going home for these three clear reasons. It is fantastic for me to remember where I have come from but I get excited knowing that I am heading for new heights. This is all possible with the family and friends that I can never be too thankful for.

I plan to reflect every week and set qualitative goals. This week, I want to resume playing soccer while being efficient with school work.

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